Village for Vets was formed in January 2016 to provide a charitable vehicle for the communities and neighborhoods adjacent to the WLA VA to benefit the Veterans served there. 

Currently we are active supporting the current WLA VA calendar of events including:

  •           The Welcome Center
  •           The Memorial Day 5k
  •           The Stand Down
  •           Clothing Drives

Read more about Village for Vets in our brochure.

Future plans include:

  •           Housing Packages 

This is the term that Congressman Lieu’s office, Senator Feinstein’s office, and the VA’s HUD housing specialists have coined to define and create charitable vehicles for the community to fund, on an individual basis, to break the cycle of homelessness.  Not all Vets will live on the WLA VA campus.  Many Vets want to live elsewhere and should do so for their best interests to be served.  And some Vets fail to meet the income requirements needed to succeed year after year in independent living, even with HUD housing vouchers lowering their rent.

Housing Packages will be individually tailored to qualifying Vets and will include items such as:

  • Income Assistance (including deposits on rent and utilities, etc.)
  • Furnishings
  • Social Services
  • Mentoring