There are many ways to volunteer at the WLA VA!

You can volunteer regularly

You can volunteer occasionally

            You can volunteer once a year

You can volunteer by donating time or services to Village for Vets

You can donate furniture for housing packages.

Volunteer opportunities with Village For Vets include:

  • Hours spent directly at the VA
  • Help us mount our awards ceremony
  • Volunteer with website/email correspondence
  • Volunteer help with social networking and community outreach
  • Donation and fundraisers

*see below for volunteer requirements

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Here is the list of volunteer Requirements from Sadie at the WLA VA:

Adult Volunteer Requirements:

  • Orientation
  • Application
  • TB Test
  • 2 Forms of Identification (Driver’s License, social security card, birth certificate, veteran’s ID card, passport current or expired). Please note one method of identification must be photo ID.)
  • Background check/fingerprints.
  • There must be an assignment available

High School Students Volunteer Requirements:

  • Must be 14 years old upon acceptance into Volunteer Program
  • Orientation
  • Application
  • TB Test
  • 1 Form of Identification (school ID, social security card, birth certificate, passport current or expired). Please note: If you do not have a school ID any other type of ID must be accompanied with a photo ID.
  • Complete 306/0711 Documentation
  • Must complete a minimum of 25 hours
  • There must be an assignment available

Occasional Volunteer Requirements

  • Must sign a “Waiver of Claims to Remuneration and Appointment Agreement”
  • Sign in when on duty
  • Volunteer less than 100 hours a year or no more than 4 visits a year
  • Volunteer assistance by VA Employees Requirements
  • Assignment must be unrelated to their employment (VA Job)
  • Assignment must be outside of their normal duty hours
  • Cannot be certified as an organization Representative or Deputy Representative
  • Not eligible meal program
  • Must sign in or log in volunteer hours
  • Must dress appropriately
  • Must wear VA Badges
  • VA employees must attend orientation however VA certificate of mandatory training are accepted (sexual harassment, privacy, infection control and Fire and Safety)
  • If a VA Employee wish to have an assignment that consist of driving patients the driver must have the following (i.e. current driver’s license, a physical, DMV printout, vehicle insurance and watch the coach the drivers video).