Look! A Lovely Sofa found a New Home!
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Look! A Lovely Sofa found a New Home!

We recently received an email from a benefactor to see if there was a veteran in the area that could use a gently used sofa. We reached out and low and behold we found a family that could use it. Here is what the benefactor said:

"Frank picked up my sofa today. He brought his son to help who is about 12 and kind of small, but the two of them lifted the large heavy sofa into his truck.

Frank told me about the destruction of his furniture and said that the family was sleeping on one bed. I told them that my grandson preferred to sleep on my sofa when he stayed with me...so it can do double duty.

So happy to be able to place my hardly- used sofa in a good home where it will be appreciated and enjoyed."

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